Electro Pop Night im Freundenzimmer Berlin 27.07.18

Electro Pop Night im Freundenzimmer Berlin 27.07.18

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Berlin- On July 27th two up and coming electro pop sensations will join forces at Freundenzimmer Berlin for a truly international ‘Electro Pop Night”. The two bands, Pari San and White Night, share the electro pop genre but are diversified by their varied cultural and musical backgrounds. Freundenzimmer Berlin, one of Berlin’s hippest dance club/music venues makes for the ultimate performance experience of these two synth-heavy groups.



PARI SAN are Iran-born musician Parissa Eskandari and the Berlin-based producer Paul Brenning together they conjure sensual, urban songscapes between pop and avant-garde. Pari San symbolize a collision of two worlds. On the one hand there’s microsystems technologist Paul Brenning from Berlin, who grew up listening to classical music and keeps a level head in producing Pari San’s electronic synthesizer realms. On the other hand there’s Iranian-born Parissa Eskandari, who grew up in Düsseldorf and has a more intuitive-emotional approach to music and a voice that oscillates between Oriental and Scandinavian influences. Pari studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf art academy from the age of 16 before going on to concentrate on music and has worked with a whole range of artists such as Oval before launching the band together with Paul, whom she met in South Germany during a creative period of music production. Pari San started to produce their very own brand of pop music with an intense attitude towards the general boundaries of that genre, walking on a thin line between pop songwriting, electronic music production and extrasensory sounds, which may well be based on their Black Forest / Teheran backgrounds. Iranian flair meets Berlin, rationality meets effervescence, control meets impulsiveness, an eagerness to experiment meets emotionality – Pari San weave an astonishing fabric from all these opposites, a parallel universe of voices, melodies, loops, beats and sounds. Avantgarde and different, sensual and magical, pop and high art all at the same time –somewhere between Fever Ray, FKA Twigs and Björk. http://www.pari-san.de/ WHITE NIGHT is an alternative electro-pop duo based in both Berlin and San Francisco.



The international collaboration consists of Seattle-born Elizabeth Boardman, vocalist, violist, and composer, and Berliner Willi Leinen, producer, guitarist, and composer. The two classically trained musicians met during their graduate studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and both feeling slightly bound by the confines of their intensive classical studies, started producing music together as a creative escape. The first eight months of creation was a long-distance project across the Atlantic as Willi had moved back to Berlin briefly for work. The two sent musical ideas back and forth, collaborating from across the ocean and the massive time difference. Now they live and create together in Berlin. Both members of the duo bring something of their own to the songwriting process. Elizabeth draws inspiration from the wild expansiveness of her native Pacific Northwest, from the years of orchestral playing and symphonic exposure, and from the quirky songwriter icons of her childhood, such as Kate Bush. Willi melds a unique mix of minimalist music, truly Berliner industrial electronics, experimental electronic sounds, and the pop/rock of the 1980’s. Their two styles culminate in a unique sonic experience, blending dance beats with ethereal vocals and strings. http://www.whitenight-band.com


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Electro Pop Night Freundenzimmer Berlin 27.07.18

Doors open 9 pm (21 Uhr)

Krossener Straße

10245 Berlin


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